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3 End of the Season Heating Repairs to Consider

Monday, May 13th, 2024

Well, normally we would be turning to focus on our air conditioners for the next few months, but we figured one last blog about end-of-season heating repairs couldn’t hurt. In fact, many heating systems can struggle due to forgotten repairs that go untreated as we start to ignore them during the summer.

May is the perfect month to perform one last walkthrough and detect some sinister issues before they become complicated or forgotten about when the warmer months arrive. Fixing your heating system now with expert heating repair in Bixby, OK will make next fall feel a lot easier and more comfortable as a result.

So, what can you expect when inspecting your heating system at the end of a long spring? Here are some common examples of why now might be the best time to invest in repairs.

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3 Targets for an Air Purifier

Monday, December 11th, 2023

It’s a classic tale: a customer looks at the cool and interesting technology of a UV air purifier, only to resist the urge to purchase it. Too many times we’ve heard the phrase “I don’t need that,” accompanied by a thing that is definitely needed for your home. But we’d argue that many homeowners simply don’t know that they do need these kinds of systems, depending on the types of contaminants they’re dealing with.

This blog is going to be more of an explainer blog, where we’ll go into deep detail over each type of contaminant that a UV air purifier in Bixby, OK can target and eliminate. This isn’t for us to sound smart or for fun, it’s for customers to use so they can figure out whether an air purifier would be put to good use in their own home.

Then, once you’ve got an idea of the kinds of contaminants you might be dealing with, you can call our team for air purifier installation or even the set up of an air filter that will get the job done.

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3 Fun Facts About Your Gas Furnace

Monday, November 27th, 2023

Knowledge is power, that’s the truth. Learning about something mundane like your furnace might sound like a waste of time, when you could be playing some fall sports or watching movies, but it’s more productive than people might think. Furnaces are a key element of our homes being comfortable during the colder seasons, and a little bit of knowledge might help you solve a problem that would otherwise be stressful and confusing.

Most furnace issues require professional furnace repair in Bixby, OK. Most homeowners don’t have the tools or experience to safely handle fixing their gas furnaces, and this is perfectly normal. But the time it takes between a furnace problem and calling for repairs is crucial, and most homeowners need to know a bit about their systems to call at the right time for support.

So, here are three fun facts about your gas furnace that will help you be a more proactive homeowner when things go wrong!

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