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3 End of the Season Heating Repairs to Consider

Well, normally we would be turning to focus on our air conditioners for the next few months, but we figured one last blog about end-of-season heating repairs couldn’t hurt. In fact, many heating systems can struggle due to forgotten repairs that go untreated as we start to ignore them during the summer.

May is the perfect month to perform one last walkthrough and detect some sinister issues before they become complicated or forgotten about when the warmer months arrive. Fixing your heating system now with expert heating repair in Bixby, OK will make next fall feel a lot easier and more comfortable as a result.

So, what can you expect when inspecting your heating system at the end of a long spring? Here are some common examples of why now might be the best time to invest in repairs.

Major Repairs to Spot During the Spring

The tricky part with spotting a heating repair during the winter is that we rely on these systems while we’re diagnosing them. It can be absolutely nerve-wracking to think that there’s a problem with your heating system when temperatures are below freezing outside.

In spring, especially in May, the temperature is a lot milder and that sunny weather can make us relax a little bit. Waiting a week or two for heating repairs might not be that big of a deal if the temperature is going to be relatively mild. So, these issues can be a bit easier to diagnose in the spring.

1. A Dirty System

Dust can collect throughout your heating system. We’re not just talking about on the outside of your furnace or heat pump. We mean throughout the entire unit.

First and foremost, change out your air filter at the end of the season. This will ensure that the start of fall isn’t too stressful since you’ll have prepared for it ahead of time.

Then, make sure you get your heating system inspected or at least maintained at a certain point this year. We can clean out the dust and touch up those sensitive components so it doesn’t get dirtier over time. Dust and debris can gunk up your system, especially the burners of a gas furnace, and this needs to be addressed.

2. Inefficiency

Now that the heating season is finally over, we can take a good look at the heating bills from the past 7 to 8 months. Do you notice a trend?

High heating bills could signal a problem with your heating system’s efficiency. As components wear down and run into problems, heating systems can consume more fuel or electricity and run for longer cycles. This is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed.

And, to make things worse, this problem will not go away over the summer. The earlier you get it fixed, the better!

3. A Leak

Don’t forget about leaks! If you’ve got a gas furnace that smells funky, it could be leaking gas. Even during the summer when you’re not using the system, it could potentially be leaking if it still smells this way. A professional should diagnose this problem as early as possible.

It’s time to schedule end-of-the-season heater repair with JC Mechanical, The Wizard of Blizzard!

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