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Evaporative Coolers in Sapulpa, OK

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Evaporative coolers are excellent systems for our neck of the woods. They’re extremely efficient and effective at cooling a residential space and the team at JC Mechanical can get you set up with one in a jiffy.

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With an evaporative cooler, you can get cool temperatures in your home during the summer for a fraction of the energy required for normal air conditioning. For all your repairs or maintenance, call our team.

Contact JC Mechanical, "The Wizard of Blizzard" in Sapulpa, OK.


Evaporative Cooler System Installation

Have you ever wondered whether an evaporative cooler or swamp cooler would be right for your home? Well, they might be! These systems run by using cool water-soaked pads to dramatically reduce the temperature of dry air during the summer. It takes very little energy but goes a long way towards cooling your home. Why not try an evaporative cooler system installation today?

Evaporative Cooler System Replacement

In Sapulpa, OK there are some homes with old AC units or evaporative cooler systems that need replacement. These sleek and affordable units can be perfect for this kind of situation. Our team provides evaporative cooler system replacement services for customers that need them.

Evaporative Cooler System Repair

Is your evaporative cooler starting to have a bad odor? Or perhaps it’s running while making an obnoxious noise? This calls for evaporative system repair in Sapulpa, OK. Don’t worry, "The Wizard of Blizzard" can fix that for you!

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Maintenance is an excellent way to keep your HVAC technology working longer, better, and more efficiently. Sign up today to schedule a tune-up and access some great ways to save money on repairs, new installations, and more!

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