Is 2024 the Year to Finally Invest in a Heat Pump?

April 8th, 2024

Customers throughout our area are finally starting to take heat pump technology seriously. It’s not just here. Everywhere people are actually considering replacing their old furnaces, boilers, and window unit air conditioners with heat pumps.

This isn’t by accident. Heat pumps have become more common, and with the help of legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act, they’ve become more affordable. Tax credits, manufacturer rebates, and even local promotions are making heat pumps more competitive than ever before. Before you replace that old furnace with a new one, make sure you’re not missing out on one of the most high-tech and reliable HVAC systems in the 21st century.

Based on some of the reasons we’ll list down below, 2024 could be the year of the heat pump installation in Jenks, OK.

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Geothermal: How It Works and Why It’s a Great Idea

March 5th, 2024

Geothermal systems are incredible technological advancements. We’re only going to see more of them in the coming years, and they’re only going to get more efficient and powerful as technology advances. But, unfortunately, many people still don’t know how they work or if they’d be a good addition to their home.

Well, we’re here to provide a customers’ guide to geothermal in Jenks, OK. We’ll talk about how it works, the science behind the process, and why a geothermal system could be a wonderful potential investment for you and your family.

Leave it to a team of professional HVAC technicians to give you the facts. Geothermal systems aren’t for everyone. But if you have the budget and the home for one, it might end up being one of the best purchases you ever make in your lifetime.

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Good vs. Great: HVAC Company Edition

February 5th, 2024

A technician comes to your home, fixes your heating system, and leaves with a smile and a wave. It’s simple right? There’s not really much more that you have to consider.

That’s what most people think. But in reality, the service you pay for is a lot more complicated than that. The technician who shows up at your house is a real-life human being who belongs to a company full of staff. The problem with your HVAC system could be complex, the layout of your home could be unconventional, and the time of day when this problem takes place could be in the middle of the night.

The truth is that HVAC service can come in many different forms. And this is when you can clearly see the difference between a good technician and a great one. We’d argue that our team is full of excellent technicians that keep customers coming back, but we’ll have to prove it to you first. Keep reading to learn what separates a good company from a great HVAC company in Glenpool, OK.

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Don’t Risk a Gas Leak With a New Furnace

January 22nd, 2024

A new furnace might sound like an excellent idea, and it is to a certain extent. But for many enthusiastic DIYers and amateur technicians, it’s a big risk and could turn into a disaster.

Don’t get us wrong–we don’t want to discourage anyone from investing in a furnace. In fact, furnaces are some of the most effective and safe ways to heat your home, and that’s what makes them so common. So in case you’re curious about these systems, you shouldn’t be afraid of them for any reason.

What you should be afraid of, however, is the idea of DIY gas furnace installation in Glenpool, OK. If you or an amateur decides to take on this kind of work, you’re risking a lot of unsafe situations and an extremely expensive resolution.

Keep reading to learn more.

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How Efficient Is Your Furnace?

January 8th, 2024

Efficiency is an easy thing to forget about until your heating bills come at the end of the month. Then, you’re looking at a big price tag that you have to pay, and this happens throughout the entire winter.

So, when exploring options for a furnace installation in Glenpool, OK, you’ll want to know how efficient the system is and how likely you are to save money on your heating bills month after month. This can be easily understood, and as your licensed professionals in the area, we’re happy to teach you.

Just remember that furnace installations and repairs are never to be done by anyone other than a licensed professional. Your furnace deserves the best care and your comfort should never be compromised.

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New Years Resolutions That Work: Furnace Edition

December 25th, 2023

New Years resolutions are a pop culture phenomenon that don’t necessarily work right every time. We’ve all thought about going to the gym more or spending more time at home with the family as a resolution, but life doesn’t exactly go as planned. In fact, a New Year’s Resolution can sometimes make us think we have more control over our lives than we actually do.

Sorry to get existential, but we’re going somewhere with this. One area of your life that you do have control over is your heat. Whether you’ve got a furnace, a boiler, or a heat pump, there are some resolutions you can make in 2024 that keep your budget intact and your home more comfortable–all without lifting a finger.

Let’s talk about some great New Year resolutions that can work for furnace repair in Tulsa, OK.

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3 Targets for an Air Purifier

December 11th, 2023

It’s a classic tale: a customer looks at the cool and interesting technology of a UV air purifier, only to resist the urge to purchase it. Too many times we’ve heard the phrase “I don’t need that,” accompanied by a thing that is definitely needed for your home. But we’d argue that many homeowners simply don’t know that they do need these kinds of systems, depending on the types of contaminants they’re dealing with.

This blog is going to be more of an explainer blog, where we’ll go into deep detail over each type of contaminant that a UV air purifier in Bixby, OK can target and eliminate. This isn’t for us to sound smart or for fun, it’s for customers to use so they can figure out whether an air purifier would be put to good use in their own home.

Then, once you’ve got an idea of the kinds of contaminants you might be dealing with, you can call our team for air purifier installation or even the set up of an air filter that will get the job done.

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3 Fun Facts About Your Gas Furnace

November 27th, 2023

Knowledge is power, that’s the truth. Learning about something mundane like your furnace might sound like a waste of time, when you could be playing some fall sports or watching movies, but it’s more productive than people might think. Furnaces are a key element of our homes being comfortable during the colder seasons, and a little bit of knowledge might help you solve a problem that would otherwise be stressful and confusing.

Most furnace issues require professional furnace repair in Bixby, OK. Most homeowners don’t have the tools or experience to safely handle fixing their gas furnaces, and this is perfectly normal. But the time it takes between a furnace problem and calling for repairs is crucial, and most homeowners need to know a bit about their systems to call at the right time for support.

So, here are three fun facts about your gas furnace that will help you be a more proactive homeowner when things go wrong!

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Is a Heat Pump Worth the Extra Cost?

November 13th, 2023

New technology always costs more to install than older technology that’s been on the market for longer. This is just a simple fact of economics. When heat pumps were initially invented, they were only used by niche homeowners who could afford pretty high installation bills. And even then, only a few technicians knew how to install these systems. Everyone else would just opt for a gas furnace or a central air conditioner.

But times are changing, and so is the technology. Heat pumps are becoming more widely available and manufacturers are leaning into the technology, meaning you can get one for a cheaper price than you could a few years ago. Is it finally time to make the switch and invest in a heat pump installation in Tulsa, OK?

Or should you just stick with your tried and tested gas furnace? Well, it’s a little complicated, but we think you’ll know what’s best after reading this blog.

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Heat Pump Tips: Repair or Replace?

October 16th, 2023

It probably feels like it was just yesterday when you bought your first heat pump. It was all the rage in your neighborhood and now it’s been almost 10 years. Time really flies when you’re having fun, right?

For many of our customers, their heat pumps are about to reach their 10th or 11th birthdays. For others, it’s only year 5 but there have been a plethora of problems lately that have brought some frustrating results. Maybe the system doesn’t want to switch from heating to cooling more anymore, or perhaps it’s leaking refrigerant whenever you look away. These are bad, but they might not constitute the need for a replacement.

Here, we’ll give you the details on whether it’s time to replace your old system or invest in expert heat pump repair in Bristow, OK. Regardless of the solution you choose, we’ll be there beside you to do the work in a timely and professional manner.

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