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3 Targets for an Air Purifier

It’s a classic tale: a customer looks at the cool and interesting technology of a UV air purifier, only to resist the urge to purchase it. Too many times we’ve heard the phrase “I don’t need that,” accompanied by a thing that is definitely needed for your home. But we’d argue that many homeowners simply don’t know that they do need these kinds of systems, depending on the types of contaminants they’re dealing with.

This blog is going to be more of an explainer blog, where we’ll go into deep detail over each type of contaminant that a UV air purifier in Bixby, OK can target and eliminate. This isn’t for us to sound smart or for fun, it’s for customers to use so they can figure out whether an air purifier would be put to good use in their own home.

Then, once you’ve got an idea of the kinds of contaminants you might be dealing with, you can call our team for air purifier installation or even the set up of an air filter that will get the job done.

Bacteria: It’s Everywhere

Bacteria are everywhere. They’re in the air, in the ground, in the food you eat, and even inside of your body right now. The difference is that there are good bacteria and bad bacteria.

The bacteria inside of your body is actually good, and it helps digest food or keep your body regulated. Not all bacteria needs to be bad, sometimes it’s just a natural product of the environment.

However, some bacteria (like the organisms that cause Tuberculosis, Measles, and more) wander through the air and can infect you pretty easily. They’re invisible to the naked eye and these would absolutely be classified as bad bacteria.

Thankfully, a UV air purifier eliminates these single-celled organisms as they travel through your home’s ventilation, so the likelihood of you getting infected drastically decreases.

Viruses: A Spreading Nightmare

We just got through a global pandemic, so it’s a bit easier to convey the sheer devastation that can come from a viral infection. Viruses like COVID, Influenza, and Rhinovirus (the common cold) can easily spread through an entire home and infect everyone. Even guests and family members that are just stopping by could easily catch this viral infection if you’re not careful.

UV air purifiers can also eliminate viral contaminants in the air, adding a second layer of protection if you’re worried about people getting sick.

Mold: A Creeping Infestation

Mold is a tough topic to discuss. It can start as an infestation somewhere in your home where it’s dark and moist. Then, the mold can reproduce by creating spores that travel through your air pathways. Theses spores can infect members of your household and cause pretty devastating illnesses.

The third best use of a UV air purifier is targeting and eliminating mold spores, which are contaminants that can cause plenty of problems. Let this be yet another reason why you should invest in such a powerful system.

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