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Why is a Furnace Not Responding to a Thermostat?

The furnace and the thermostat are interdependent. You set the temperature on your thermostat that signals the furnace to make your home warm and comfortable.

However, what happens if the furnace fails to respond to the thermostat? It may be time for you to call a professional technician for heating replacement in Bristow, OK, if the furnace and the thermostat do not respond as expected.

What To Do If The Furnace Is Not Working Per The Thermostat Setting?

When a furnace does not respond to the thermostat, there may be a problem with the heating unit or the thermostat itself. Here is a breakdown of a few more issues that may lead to the furnace not responding to the thermostat.

  • Lack Of Power

Sometimes, the thermostat’s battery may be too low, or there may be no power supply. Digital thermostats often use standard batteries to power their functions. You can try checking them to analyze if the cells need a replacement.

  • Wrong Settings

You must double-check the temperature settings to ensure the thermostat is set to ”heat” mode instead of ”cool” or ”fan.” A few thermostats have pre-programmed setback settings. Check if your furnace system is running on those settings and manually change them, if necessary.

  • Wrong Placement

Your furnace may stop responding if the thermostat gets a signal that the house is already warm enough. Such an issue may arise if you place the thermostat near a heating source or direct sunlight.

Remember to place your thermostat where it can record the correct temperature of your house to ensure the furnace functions efficiently.

  • Inappropriate Device

The furnace and the thermostat must match each other’s functionalities to work together. An inappropriate device cannot communicate or function well.

You can try contacting a heating installation technician in Bristow, OK, to ensure that your thermostat and furnace are compatible.

  • Aging Or Faulty Wiring

Loose connections and old or frayed wires can cause the thermostat to lose its connection with the furnace. If the thermostat uses a wired connection to communicate with the adjacent furnace, and these connections loosen over time, the furnace stops working.

You may try to tighten up the loose connections between the thermostat and the furnace by yourself. You can also seek a heating installation expert’s help in Bristow, OK, if you are unsure about the particular model’s voltage or are concerned about working on an electrical device.

  • Outdated Software

You may have to update your software regularly if you own a smart device. Most people use ”smart thermostats” which rely on complex software and wifi connections to enable them to connect with the furnace.

If your furnace stops responding or working suddenly, you can try checking the app connected to your thermostat to analyze if the software is up to date. Update the software immediately to ensure the furnace functions efficiently without hassle.

Bottom Line

JC Mechanical is a trusted heating and air conditioning service provider in Bristow, OK. We provide multiple services related to heat pumps, ducts, indoor air quality, etc.

If you are facing any issues with your furnace or thermostat, contact us for the best heating replacement in Bristow, OK. Call us at 918-264-3739 or email us.

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