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What to Do If Your Furnace Goes Out This Winter?

The heating system, including the furnace, is forced to work for a long period of time during the winter season. However, extended furnace use may lead to a complete system breakdown requiring emergency Heating Repair Services in Tulsa, OK.

Tips to Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario if the Furnace Breaks Down:

Dealing with appliance breakdown during winter is not ideal, but you can always follow a few tips and tricks to mend it.

  • Check For Foul Odor

You must check for your family’s safety when the furnace goes out. If you notice a ‘rotten egg’ like odor inside your home, it could be the cause of your furnace breakdown.

Such an odor means a gas leak, and you and your family should vacate the house immediately. Call a heating service in Tulsa, OK, and stay away from the house until a professional arrives for assistance.

  • Analyze The Furnace Parts

If you don’t find a gas leak in your furnace, check the other parts to ensure the system is functioning well. Start by analyzing the thermostat to check if it is broken or set too low. You should also check if the fuse and the circuit breaker are running efficiently.

You can try fixing the problem yourself or call a professional for heating repair in Tulsa, OK, for further help.

  • Try Using Alternative Heat Sources

You may have to wait hours or days for a technician to show up if your furnace breaks down during a holiday or the night. You can try alternative heat sources, such as a fireplace, portable space heater, or a wood stove, during this time.

Try to seal the existing heat inside your house by closing all windows, drawing curtains, and insulating any cracks in the doors.

  • Keep The Pipes Warm

Frozen water pipes may break down your furnace, a common occurrence during winter. Try to get professional help before the temperature gets too low to ensure the pipes do not freeze during cold weather.

You can try installing a portable heater near the water pipe to prevent it from freezing and affecting the furnace.

  • Call A Professional

Never try to repair or work with gas lines, because it is dangerous and illegal. You may try to fix the problems in your furnace if you are trained or experienced.

However, it is advisable to seek help from a qualified HVAC professional. The professional can check and fix the problem in your furnace in a fast and affordable manner.

To Sum Up

You can prevent a furnace breakdown or repair during winter by tuning it before the cold weather. You can call a heating service professional in Tulsa, OK, to analyze your furnace and check for necessary fixes.

Furnace repair, installation, and maintenance are now easier with JC Mechanical. We ensure that your HVAC system works efficiently around the year.

From air conditioning and heating to heat pump installation, we are the perfect option for all your HVAC needs. Call us at 918-264-3739  for any HVAC  related services.

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