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Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

If you live in a home that is old enough, you may  have to decide to replace your heating system or go for a furnace repair in Bristow, OK. However, furnaces are designed to last for around 15-30 years. So, if you maintain your furnace well, you can implement a few fixes on the appliance to enable the system to work efficiently for a long period of time.

However, it may be tricky to consider whether to repair your furnace or replace it. That is why experts recommend a few considerations to help you decide.

Common Furnace Issues

Installing a furnace may be an expensive option for many people. This is why it is important to take time to decide whether your furnace needs a repair or replacement.

Some common furnace issues include a blown motor, a broken thermostat, clogged or dirty filters, over-cycling, a cracked heat exchanger, etc. Here is a look at some considerations that help you decide whether to replace or repair your furnace.

Reasons To Replace

Here is a breakdown of examples where a furnace replacement is a better option.

  • The Furnace Emits Carbon Monoxide.

You must leave your house immediately if you think your heater is leaking carbon monoxide. After leaving your home, call the fire department and wait for directions. To get further help, you can start looking for a reputable heating service in Bristow, OK.

  • The Furnace Is Old.

Regular tune-up and servicing enables your HVAC system to function efficiently. However, such maintenance cannot keep the furnace working forever. Consider 15 years as a cut-off to decide whether to replace or repair a furnace. If the appliance is older than that, then you must replace it.

  • Loud Noises.

Screeching, popping, banging, or rattling sounds hint that your unit is overheating, affecting your furnace’s interior parts. So, the best thing to do here is to get a replacement for the appliance.

Reasons To Repair

Here is a breakdown of situations where you should choose a furnace repair in Bristow, OK.

  • Plan To Sell The Home.

If you plan to sell your home anytime soon, the best solution is to repair your furnace. It will enable you to cut costs and allow the individual who buys your home to enjoy 3-4 years of warmth with the same furnace.

  • Increased Energy Bills.

There may be a chance that your faulty furnace is the reason behind the sudden increase in your energy bills. Read the maintenance guide and regularly follow the suggestions, such as a filter replacement. It is one of the best maintenance and repair tips you can follow to enable your old furnace to work efficiently.

To Sum Up

Are you still confused about whether to get your furnace replaced or repaired? If yes, visit JC Mechanical now. We provide an excellent solution for all maintenance, repair, installation, and heating service in Bristow, OK.

Consider calling our professional technicians, and they will guide you on what to do with your furnace system within no time. Call us at 918-264-3739  to book an appointment.

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