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Is a Heat Pump Worth the Extra Cost?

New technology always costs more to install than older technology that’s been on the market for longer. This is just a simple fact of economics. When heat pumps were initially invented, they were only used by niche homeowners who could afford pretty high installation bills. And even then, only a few technicians knew how to install these systems. Everyone else would just opt for a gas furnace or a central air conditioner.

But times are changing, and so is the technology. Heat pumps are becoming more widely available and manufacturers are leaning into the technology, meaning you can get one for a cheaper price than you could a few years ago. Is it finally time to make the switch and invest in a heat pump installation in Tulsa, OK?

Or should you just stick with your tried and tested gas furnace? Well, it’s a little complicated, but we think you’ll know what’s best after reading this blog.

Paying More Now Vs. Later

The main reason for investing in a heat pump now is the cost-benefit analysis over time. A gas furnace (or even an electric furnace) is going to be a lot less to install, but they’ll run up your utility bills throughout the year depending on how efficient they are.

The only reason why a gas furnace might run efficiently is the conveniently cheap cost of gas right now. But gas is a finite resource that is likely to increase in price over the coming years, so that cheap cost isn’t forever. Electricity, on the other hand, is becoming more affordable as new hydroelectric plants are built and solar panels are installed.

Another great reason why heat pumps are so efficient when compared to conventional heating systems is because of one simple fact–they move heat, not create it. A furnace must burn gas or use electricity to create heat. A heat pump simply moves heat that’s already existing in the atmosphere, which is a much less energy-intensive process. It will be a breeze for a heat pump to keep your home comfortable on mild spring or fall days!

All Electric and Eco-Friendly

Why would anyone choose an electric heat pump over a gas furnace? It’s simple!

Suppose you decide to install solar panels in the next few years. Or maybe your municipality invests heavily in a new solar panel project to lower electricity prices nearby. All of these will cause your electricity to become cheaper or even free, meaning you can heat and cool your home throughout the year at a minimal cost.

Gas-burning appliances, on the other hand, will always require the same type of fuel that you can’t produce yourself. Heat pumps are more sustainable in the long run, which is why they’re touted as being eco-friendly.

Heating and Cooling

Yes, you heard that correctly. A heat pump can both heat and cool your home. This means that during the summer, you’ve got a powerful air conditioning unit, and in the winter you can rely on a cozy heating system. Heat pumps run in reverse, so the same components that work to heat your home can also cool it when you need the opposite effect. Have two systems in one with a heat pump!

If you want your heat pump installation done right, schedule an appointment with JC Mechanical, The Wizard of Blizzard!

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