Air Conditioning Repair Bristow OK

Homeowners expect consistent and efficient cooling when the climate is hot and humid. What if you discover that your air conditioner isn’t working properly? You must be aware that your AC system has a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

  • Warm Air

When your AC produces warm air, it’s an obvious sign that your system needs to be repaired. A frozen air conditioner has ice build up over the air conditioner’s coils, interfering with cooling and sending warm air into your home.

  • Very Tittle To No Airflow

If you feel the AC isn’t producing air, place your hands close to one of the ventilation and test the airflow. The absence of air from the vents can suggest that the airflow is poor.

  • High Humidity

If the interior of your home isn’t comfortable and humid, you may have problems with the AC. Removal of moisture is a typical result of air conditioning, and a high humidity level in the home indicates that your AC isn’t cooling correctly. Plan air conditioning repair in Bristow, OK, so an HVAC expert can examine the system and suggest solutions.

  • Leaking Water

Condensation is expected in the case of your AC system. It’s part of the removal of moisture. You’ll find the condensate drain pan beneath the unit that collects condensate that drips and dumps it into the plumbing. If you find puddles of water around the AC unit, it’s an issue in your air conditioner that must be dealt with promptly.

  • Short Cycling

The procedure of your AC switching on, running, and turning off is known as a cycle. As your AC regularly runs to keep the thermostat at an established temperature, you become familiar with a regular cycle’s sounds and rhythm.

You’ll be able to tell that your AC is running more often than usual and running at a shorter frequency or shutting off immediately after turning it on. Although it’s simple to eliminate the sounds, getting a professional for AC repair in Bristow is essential.

  • Strange Odors or Sounds

Don’t overlook if you hear loud sounds while your AC is on or smell a foul odor emanating from the vents. The loud sounds emanating from your AC indicate that it is urgently in need of repairs. Additionally, any odor from your AC system indicates mold and mildew growing in the ductwork.

Tips For Ensuring The Longevity Of Your Air Conditioner

  • Replace the air filter regularly.
  • Be sure to keep debris clear of your AC unit.
  • Clean your external unit (condenser fan, fins, etc.)
  • Clean your unit’s interior (evaporator coil drain, blower filter)
  • Arrange a professional tune-up for your HVAC system every year.
  • Give a break to your system by raising your thermostat by a couple of degrees and using ceiling fans to maintain your house’s temperature

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, AC systems continue to fail. If this occurs, it’s time to find an air conditioning repair in Bristow, OK. You can count on us. Highly skilled JC Mechanical technicians will arrive promptly and get your system back up and running as soon as possible. Contact us now to make an appointment.